A Beginner’s Guide to CFD Trading

Trading in CFDs , or “Contracts for Difference”, is a potentially lucrative yet risky form of investment. CFDs are a derivatives product allowing you to trade on market movements without owning the shares on which the movement is based.


Traders make money by speculating on the future movement of a market – whether that is up or down. CFDs are very tax-efficient – you don’t pay Stamp Duty, as you would when buying shares, as no taxable assets change hands.

CFDs are leveraged products which allow you to get the full benefit of the market movement while only putting a small proportion of the share price up front. This means a high potential for return on investment but also higher risk. You also need to pay attention to the overnight financing charge, one significant difference between CFD trading and share trading, which can really eat into your profits.

CFD trading gives you the option to go long (buy) if you think the market is rising, or go short (sell) in one that is on the decline. If you believe that a share price is likely to fall in the short-term, you can sell and your profits will rise with any fall in the price. However, if you have got it wrong and the market moves in another direction, your losses will increase.

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Does travel insurance cover terrorism

Singaporeans love to travel, and most people will buy travel insurance. But have you ever thought if your travel insurance cover acts of terrorism or war?


It might be hard to accept, but the recent Paris attack is just a reminder that terrorism is just part of our lives. Making sure your travel insurance covers terrorism is essential when you purchase travel insurance. This post is to help you understand the terrorism cover in travel insurance.

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What is Insurance Nomination

Have you ever watched Korean drama “Shining inheritance”?


In the show, Go Eun-Sung’s father died from a gas explosion. However, her stepmother took the life insurance money and moved out with her daughter, leaving Eun-Sung and her autistic brother, Eun-Joo.

What is more devastating was that later Eun-sung learned that her father had bought life insurance before his death, he had contemplated suicide just so his family could benefit from the money.

What is the point to have a life insurance yet leave your own children without money or shelter? How can you make sure your loved ones to receive what they deserve? What if you can achieve this by just taking a simple step, an insurance nomination?

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How to define life purpose with a personal mission statement

Where do you see yourself in the ten years time?


After all, if you want to get down to the nuts and bolts of managing your financial future, you’ve got to know what your future will be, right?

Perhaps your imaginary future goes like this:

  • You will get prompted in your job, earn more and you live the life you always dreamed of.
  • Or you save enough money, pay off your home loan and become a debt free
  • Or maybe you will quit your job completely and start a business or travel the world
  • Or you’re one of the rare people who are so excited about early retirement and you’re willing to save like crazy in order to retire in 10 years time.

What if all these are not what you really wanted? What if your real goals are not the big houses, fancy cars, luxurious holidays, or even early retirement? What if you have a higher purpose of life?

And I call that a personal mission statement. Without it, it is very hard for you to achieve your life purpose and financial freedom. Here is why.

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Why you need long term care insurance for retirement planning

One of the biggest risk for retirement is not that you did not save enough, but all your savings are depleted by huge long term care cost.


You may have heard that JB nursing homes draw more and more Singaporeans. That is understandable. Because even with government subsidy, nursing home cost in Johor Bahru is still substantially lower than the cost in Singapore.

The hard fact is that we all will grow old one day. Does growing old means living in a nursing home in Johor Bahru for Singaporeans? How can you prepare for the long term care cost so it won’t end up draining your life savings before you can enjoy it? What is long term care insurance and how does it work?

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