Is Bancassurance the future for insurance companies?


In recent years, the market share of insurance tied agency was on the downtrend. Two rising sales channels are independent financial advisers and Bancassurance. Bancassurance is probably growing at the fastest pace. Bancassurance is the partnership between a bank and an insurance company whereby the insurance company uses the bank sales channel in order to sell insurance products, so that the insurance company reach its products to the bank's client base. Bancassurance is very lucrative for … [Read more...]

AIA Re-Launch Wealth Accumulator 2 – Guaranteed Interest 1.68%


AIA has re-launched AIA Wealth Accumulator 2, a non-participating Single Premium endowment plan that provides financial protection against death and guaranteed returns on capital at maturity. Key Highlights of The Plan Provides an effective yield of 1.68% per year Capital guaranteed at maturity Guaranteed Issuance without any medical underwriting Short policy term of 4 years It is interesting that AIA has launched this product in current environment where interest rate has been record … [Read more...]

AIA Increase Platinum Legacy Crediting Rate


With decreasing interest rates in the past few years, universal life products were forced to reduce their crediting interest rates. Since the recent Fed's hint of "tapering", risk of increasing interest rates spooked the bond market. Realistically speaking, rising interest rate is bad for most insurance products. your whole life policy, your endowment and your annuities all suffer due to strong sell off of the underlying bonds, at least in short term. However, AIA chooses to increase their … [Read more...]

AIA launched their first disability income protection plan


AIA has launched Premier Disability Cover on 2 July 2012, their first disability income plan. AIA Premier Disability Cover is a disability income protection plan, which provides you with protection in the event of a disability due to illness or injury, resulting in your inability to work and earn an income. Comparing to its rivals, AIA has introduced some First-to-market features: First of all, AIA guarantees benefit payout regardless of any future changes to your income or payouts received … [Read more...]

Enhancement in Claims Services for AIA Healthshield and Letter of Guarantee (LoG)


A Letter of Guarantee (LoG) is an assurance of payment offered by insurers to hospitals, on behalf of a patient, for the portion of the hospital bill covered by insurance. When you are hospitalised, if your hospital can obtain a letter of guarantee from your insurer, you can reduce the amount of your upfront payment to the hospital. With effect from July, all AIA policyholders under the Medisave-approved Integrated HealthShield plans can request for an AIA Letter of Guarantee from these … [Read more...]