I Help People Invest For Passive Income So They Can Retire 5 to 10 Years Earlier With Style

Working as a financial professional for more than a decade, I have helped hundreds of people set up their retirement plans and improve their investment portfolios so they can retire earlier and retire well. 

I have compressed my years of knowledge and experience into a practical 3-step framework and published the book "FIRE Your Retirement". You can get a hard copy of now.

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Financial Freedom is not a wealth problem, it is a cash flow problem.

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live webinar: how to use ai for investment research and opportunities in 2023 

In this informative and action-packed online workshop, you will learn a history of AI, its current state and future. How to use AI such as ChatGPT to work faster, have more time and make more money. What are the investment opportunities and risks in AI-related stocks. 


In this mastery class, you will learn a 9-step CFF framework to unlock your cash flow potentials and achieve your financial freedom 5 to 10 years earlier.


In this webinar, Ivan shares how he embarked and achieved his financial freedom and how you can do the same

A good financial advisor is both competent and ethical. An ethical but not competent advisor is a nice person but would not be able to deliver a sound financial plan to you. A competent but unethical advisor would probably be going after your money.

Ivan Guan is one of the rare financial advisors who exhibits high competency and ethics. This book is a testament to his qualities and is written for every man in mind.


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Praise and Testimonials

Ivan has laid out why financial independence and retiring early is a good endeavour. If you are still on the fence about FIRE, This book may change your opinion.


Whether you have no clue of retirement planning or you think you know the subject well, you will definitely pick up many pieces of good advice from Ivan


Ivan covered the topics leading to financial independence adequately. He is able to highlight certain points that only an experienced investor would know. I think these points alone are invaluable. 

Mandy lee

Ivan is very knowledgable in a variety of financial instruments. Will recommend his course to all who are interested in understanding the fundamental concepts of investing and how to plan one's retirement. 

Marcus G

About Ivan

Ivan is a fee-based retirement adviser and investment expert. He works to empower people like you to fast track your journey towards financial independence and early retirement.

He believes FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) is achieved by design. He helps people plan for retirment and manage their investment portfolio so they can retire 5 to 10 years earlier.

He is frequently invited by financial media to share his views on retirement and investment. He has also given many seminars and workshops for the public and corporate employees to help them understand and learn about financial planning and investment.

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