ribenaRibena has long been sold as a healthy drink based on advertisements that black currant juice has more vitamin C than orange juice. However, two science students found Ribena contained no detectable vitamin C and the multinational company was fined.

Does it take a professor degree to find out the truth? People just believe what they hear.

“Don’t buy funds, buy Low cost, Transparent, Liquid ETFs.”

Does this sound familiar? But Isn’t ETF, Exchange Traded Fund, a Fund?

I am not against ETF, on contrary, I am an ETF activist.

I think this is one of the greatest innovation in financial world, which gives ordinary investors like you and me a great weapon when trying to survive in a world fully of institutional “sharks”.

However, there are many misconceptions about ETF. many pitfalls are masked by marketing campaigns from ETF providers. For example, most people are not aware or have not even heard of that

A car salesman will tell you how much petrol you can save a year but they will gloss over how much more the car will cost you.

What other pitfalls do you know about ETF? Share with us and by commenting below.

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