CPF Medisave Minimum Sum (MMS) scheme was abolished since 1 Jan 2016. It used to be the amount which you need to retain in your Medisave Account (MA) for your healthcare needs before any excess Medisave savings can be withdrawn on or after 55.

medisave-minimum-sum-healthIn the past, if you have met the CPF Minimum Sum requirement (now called Retirement Sum scheme) but do not meet Medisave Minimum Sum, you still need to top up your Medisave Account before you can make any withdrawal when you turn age 55.

The last change of Medisave Minimum Sum was $43,500 since 1 July 2014, it has since been replaced by a new scheme called Basic Healthcare Sum scheme.

Basic Healthcare Sum

From 1 January 2016, there will only be one Medisave-related amount you need to be concerned about, that is the Basic Healthcare Sum. This amount is $49,800 in 2016, and will increase each year in response to Medisave use.

For those of you who do not know, there is also a Medisave Contribution Ceiling (MCC), which is $48,500 as at 2015. Any further contributions made to Medisave after your MCC has been reached will automatically be diverted to your Special Account.

How much Medisave can you withdraw before 2016?

The table below sums up how the previous Medisave Minimum Sum (MMS) scheme determines the amount you can withdraw from your Medisave Account at age 55 and above.

Medisave Account (MA) BalanceAmount which can be withdrawn from MA
Less than or equal $43,500
  • No withdrawal from MA is allowed.
  • If you have set aside the CPF MS and wish to withdraw the remaining CPF savings in your SA and/or OA, you will have to top up your MA with all or part of the balances from your SA and OA to meet the current MMS.
More than $43,500
  • The amount in excess of $43,500 will first be used to top up your MS in your RA before you can withdraw the balance.

How much Medisave can you withdraw from 2016

From 2016 onwards, there is no more MMS. Essentially, what this means is that CPF members can choose to withdraw monies from their Ordinary and Special Accounts at the age of 55 after having set aside for their Retirement Account (RA).

What does this change mean to you

The scrapping of the Medisave Minimum Sum shows our government’s determination to revamp both the CPF and health care system.

In my opinion, it is good to separate retirement needs (Ordinary and Special Accounts) and healthcare needs (Basic Healthcare Sum). But with all these new changes such as Medishield Life, it comes with confusion.

But not to worry, simply leave your questions below and I will answer all of them…

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  • hi ivan

    My medisave account have hit above $53,000 but why my cpf contribution is still diverted to my medisave account?


  • Hi, Im Azmi this year I will be 55 but curiuos base on my medisave contribution already max.. but contribution still keep on going.. can I withdraw it?

  • Am 78 yrs man retiered what is the minimum sum at this age I should keep is it $43,500.00 or 48,500.00 can I withdraw the sum over and above my balance? thanks

  • Hi Ivan. I will be 64 this end Jan 2018. My medisave account is at S $24K, on my retirement account there is S $133K. Why am I not allowed to withdraw the minimum S $5K??? I do not own any property as I live with my children.

  • I reach 55 in May this year. My medisave account is now 52k do i still need to top up if the minimum sum increase in 2018. How about the retirement account i have already reach the required sum of 83k + pledge of property do i still need to top next year.

    • Hi, Victor

      Do you mean that you will reach 55 next year? I believe if CPF minimum sum increases, you need to top up the differences. But you can check with CPF to confirm this.

  • Hi… i will turn 55 soon and my QA and SA already hit RA requirement. And my MA is more than 52k…can i withdraw the access from my MA too?

  • I have receive my payout if 5,000 on July now my OA 25000 SA 30000 MA 8000 and my investment will go back to OA which I will have 125,000 after my basic sum retirement 80,600 how much can I withdraw from my OA and SA pls advice

  • Hi Ivan

    I am 70+ years old. I also receive monthly from CPF my retirement monthly payout. Can I withdraw excess from my Medisave account?

  • Hi Ivan,

    After 55, and with already $52,000 in Medisave, what happens to the interest earned from that account?


    • Hi Andrew

      Additional contribution to Medisave will be credited to special account if you do not have the retirement sum. If you meet the retirement sum, it will be credited to ordinary account.

  • Now my age is 58 , I already hit 52k in my medisave accout , Do i need to continue to contribute for the medisave accout ?

  • What is the $30,000 in the Medisave account mean ? Is it for or apply to all ages. Why is there a BHS introduced ? I have a Medisave account of $43,500. Can I use the $13,500 to top up my minimum Basic sum from $80,000 to $93,500 to get higher monthly CPF life payout.

    Thank you

    • Hi, Joseph,

      BHS is introduced to replace Medisave Minimum Sum Scheme. As your Medisave account has reached the ceiling, the additional contribution will be allocated to your special account, which will eventually increase your CPF life payout.

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