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Master the Market: Your Q2 Investment Guide (FREE Webinar)

Feeling lost in today's wild market rollercoaster? Don't worry, you're not alone! With Q2 kicking off, things are moving fast – rate cut excitement is fading, tech stocks and Bitcoin are going crazy, and gold price is at all-time high.

As such, we are hosting a live webinar to answer your burning questions and help you navigate the chaos and get ready for the rest of 2024.



Wongamania Game Day: Level Up Your Finance and Have Fun

Tired of boring financial education that leaves you yawning? Ditch the dry lectures and textbooks, join us for a fun game day with Wongamania: Banana Economy! This side-splitting board game secretly teaches you valuable life skills like smart investing, strategic thinking, and planning for the future – all while keeping you entertained for hours.



Market Outlook 2024: Balancing in an Unbalanced World

What are the major assets that could do well in 2024? What are the pitfalls and risky sectors to avoid? Join us in this webinar where we address these and other similar concerns we have.



How to Invest in Bonds in a High Interest Rate Environment

Are you an investor looking to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing interest rate environment? Join our upcoming webinar as we address the pain points that investors face in this dynamic landscape.



Legacy Planning Workshop (II): Will and Trust

Discover how to entrust a trusted individual with safeguarding your valuable assets and ensuring their responsible use and distribution, whether you're alive or have passed on.



US Credit Rating Downgrade: How It Affects Stock and Bond Markets

In this webinar, we discuss the impact of Fitch’s downgrade of US credit rating and what it means for an investor like you.



Mortgage Refinancing Workshop: From Interest Rates to Cash Flow

Learn about how TDSR and interest rate impact your mortgage repayments, strategies to reduce your mortgage financing costs, strategies that boost your cashflow, common pitfalls in mortgage refinancing and how to avoid them, and the unknown financing secrets of professional property investors.



Navigating Investment and Retirement in H2 2023

In this exclusive by-invite-only event, is designed to offer Clarity, Strategy, Learning, Interaction and Community-building in the face of unprecedented challenges and shifting sands of traditional retirement planning.



Legacy Planning Workshop (I): Will and LPA

There are certain misconceptions when it comes to making a Will or an LPA, such as: What are the consequences if you do not have a will? What are some tips and tricks when writing a will? What is Lasting Power of Attorney and why is it important? How do you do an LPA? We addressed all these in this webinar. 




In this exclusive by-invite-only event, is designed to offer Clarity, Strategy, Learning, Interaction and Community-building in the face of unprecedented challenges and shifting sands of traditional retirement planning.



How to Navigate the Banking Crisis in 2023

SVB's collapse has caused ripples in the global markets. As investors, there are pressing questions need to be answered. What are the real reasons behind the bank failures? What the potential risks and how to safeguard our investments.



How to Use ChatGPT For Investment Research

In this informative and action-packed online workshop, you will learn a history of AI, its current state and future. How to use AI such as ChatGPT to work faster, have more time and make more money. What are the investment opportunities and risks in AI-related stocks. 

Let's hear what people think about our previous Webinars...

Very informative and good introduction to beginners into investing

Tricia  | 

Ivan’s explanation about Funds and ETF was very clear and easy to understand. We must look at the totality of the funds instead of looking only at the high dividend payout that is indicated.

Joyce Ng  | 

I have always wondered how credit rating agencies impact stock markets and what benefits they derive from rating companies and countries. The charts Ivan presented were technical but he managed to explain quite clearly. I especially appreciate a better understanding of why US raise or stop interest rate. It was a mind boggling, stimulating, informative session. Thank you Ivan and Isabelle for organising this webinar. Appreciate both of you for your efforts and time :).

Dorothy Chee  |