debtWhy blame the government where you are not prudent in the first place?

Finally, the rules, which take effect today, demand that lenders consider a borrower’s total debt obligations, including other mortgages and loans for cars, before granting a new home loan.

Banks will not be able to approve a loan if the monthly repayments of a buyer’s total debt obligations exceed 60 per cent of his gross monthly income.

Take a property buyer who has a monthly income of $10,000 and debt obligations, including his car, credit card and other such loans, of $3,000.

If the new mortgage’s monthly repayment exceeds $3,000, that would bring his total repayments to over $6,000 – and total debt obligations to over 60 per cent.

Summary of New Framework

Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework to be used

  • Consider monthly repayments of new loan and all other debt.
  • Calculate new loan repayments using medium-term interest rate (3.5per cent for home loans) or prevailing interest rate, whichever is higher.
  • Discount variable income and bonuses by at least 30 per cent.
  • Discount financial assets if used in calculating income.

Loan-to-valuation rule changes

  • Borrower of loan must be mortgagor of the home.
  • If borrower fails to meet TDSR threshold, his guarantor to be included as co-borrower.
  • Use income-weighted average age of joint borrowers in deciding loan tenure. For instance, if the father has a higher income than his son, it may mean an older average age and shorter loan tenure.
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