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My name is Ivan. I am a financial consultant, blogger, and author of the book “Fire Your Retirement – 3 Simple Steps to Financial Independence and Retire Early“. You can click here to find out more about me.

This site is called SG Money Matters for a reason, it exists to give you an extensive education in not only the essentials of personal finance and investing, but also other money matters in your daily life. Because this is so many resources here, I’ve created this page to keep you from getting lost or overwhelmed. The information is right here for you, at your fingertips when you need it.


Building your foundation

Over the years, I have built a content library that will equip you with the basic financial knowledge which everybody needs to know. These are designed to build a bedrock foundation for your personal finance, step-by-step.

To get you started, here are some of the most popular articles on this blog.

Articles to give you a better understanding of financial freedom and how to achieve it

Guide for people who want to make better investment decisions

My research on certain investment strategies and opportunities

My Three Principles to achieve financial success

When I examined what worked best in order to make sound financial decisions and achieve financial success, I found that there were three pillars:

Principle #1: Only learn from those who are already successful

If you want to be wealthy, you must think what the wealthy think and do what the wealthy do.

However, this is easier said than done. Successful people do not like to share their secrets, let alone share their failures. The good news is, as Tony Robbins put it, “Success leaves clues“. That is why I created a section called “Wealth Confidential” on my blog, to share the stories, insights and experiences of financially successful people.

In this section, you will find popular posts such as What does billionaire Philip Ng say about wealth and How Obama invests his money. You will find out Who are the billionaires in Singapore and of course, gain Insights from Warren Buffett.

Principle #2: Pay attention to the smart money, be an insider

If you are a DIY investor or have a genuine interest in investing, here is the place for you too. After all, who wants to miss the fun?

Being a strong believer in principle #1, I follow the best investor and fund managers, collect the best researches and thoughts. and I will share with you the latest investment ideas that I discovered here.

Principle #3: Know what you believe, that is actually false

I have always been fond of Billionaire Hedge Fund manager Ray Dalio’s wisdom about being wrong. He said, and I quote here:

“Our greatest power is that we know that we don’t know and we are open to being wrong and learning.”

You may think that if you knew something was wrong, you won’t believe it true in the first place. However, much of what many people believe is false in a world where there exists so much twisted information to meet the marketing needs of the financial industry. I explain the common myths and misconceptions and invite you to fathom what is seemingly unfathomable.

Each of the three pillars supports and enhances the others. Together, they’re much stronger than they would be if any of the pillars were missing. That’s not theory, by the way. I’ve tested and proven these concepts by applying these pillars to my own financial choices, and by teaching others to do the same.

My Toolbox

I recommend using Moomoo for stock research and trading.

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Diving deep into specific topics

I’ve given you a wealth of information here, and this may be exactly what you need to rock and roll in your financial success. If that’s the case, that’s awesome!

But some readers want to go deeper.

  • They have specific questions in mind
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  • They want to benefit from more personalized attention to their unique financial problems and challenges

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