Don’t stand in front of a moving training!

With this investment philosophy, I designed Global Momentum Compass (GMC). It is an investment strategy for retirement. There are two stages when it comes to investing for retirement.

  • Investing for growth
  • Investing for income

GMC Growth is designed to grow your money.


I have been in the financial advisory industry for more than a decade. A lot of things have changed over the years but two things remain the same when it comes to investing:

  • People are irrational and they like to follow the trend.
  • People are emotional and they worry about losses all the time.

That’s why I created the GMC investment strategy to help my clients. This strategy is designed to fulfil two needs of investing for retirement.

  1. Grow your wealth in a predictable and stable manner
  2. Control your loss if the world does not move around the way you wanted.

If you are my blog follower, you know I talk a lot about why buy and hold is no longer effective in today’s ever-changing environment.  Below are some articles about the philosophies behind this strategy.

We all want to earn more when the stocks markets are good and suffer less when the markets are bad. That is what GMC strategy aims to deliver:

  1. You should always aim to achieve asymmetrical returns
  2. You must have a rigorous system to manage your risk exposure

The portfolio aims to mitigate devastating investment loss while capturing the market upside. It is built by observing human herding behaviour and identifying market momentum.

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