Your Income doesn’t have to be unpredictable even the investment market is. The secrete to generate a stable retirement income is first to generate the income from multiple sources. 

Therefore, I designed the Global Momentum Compass (GMC) Income strategy to serve two purposes

  1. Generate a secondary income to supplement your current earned income, or
  2. Replace your paycheck with passive income if you desired to be financially free and retire early.

The key to a long-term reliable income is to not rely on one asset class but diversify income from different Income Generating Assets (IGAs). You can achieve it by adopting the following strategies.

  • Safety First: Instead of chasing the next hot stock, build a risk-based portfolio that prioritizes capital preservation
  • Reliable Income: Focus on IGAs that pay you long-term, consistent and predictable income instead of searching for a home run
  • Go Global: Rotate your money across multiple asset classes and different types of securities globally. Once you broaden your investment universe, you can find more opportunities at lower risks.

I believe investment portfolio for retirement should be tier-based and I adopt a “kueh lapis” approach.

If you are interested in finding out how I help clients manage their income portfolios, I offer a complimentary investment consultation for you. Simply submit the request below and I will get back to you with your time slot.