If you want to grow your wealth through investing, there are two things you must do:

  1. Make an informed decision
  2. Take the necessary action

While many people try their lucks in the financial jungles and lose their life savings, basic knowledge and common sense are always overlooked.

As a financial adviser representative, I help individuals to capitalize on opportunities to grow and preserve their wealth steadily with peace of mind. Instead of pretending that I have a crystal ball and trying to predict the unknown future, I help my clients take actions and manage the risks with current and available information.


As an investment advisor, I help my clients with investment management using three steps:

Step #1: Uncover your investment compass

Before we talk about your investment, we need to talk about you.

Most investment management relationships fail because there is no clear understanding between the adviser and the client. It is not about which investment strategy works best; it is about which one works for you.

When it comes to investing, you have your unique reasons, goals and preferences. Most investment strategies have no consideration for that. I have worked with many clients and I have discovered that for most people:

So before I can manage your portfolio, I need to understand you and you need to understand my wealth philosophy too.

Only after we have a common understanding, we can set the compass for our investment journey together.

Step #2: Set up your investment portfolio

I am a firm believer that you need a systematic way to invest. So we need to design the system before investing your money.

Over the years, I have developed two investment systems:

One of these has to be your core investment portfolio with a mix of assets that are carefully assessed. It makes no sense to me to dump all your money into stocks where you can mix it with other assets to achieve a better return with lower volatility.

Setting up the system is not enough, you have to take action. Many people spend too much time analyzing and planning than taking small actions to move towards their success.

I am going to “kick your ass” to make sure you get started.


Step #3: Monitor and review your portfolio

Very often you hear people advocating lazy portfolio or buy-and-forget portfolio. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to leave your investment unattended.

A ten-year investment plan is useless, a ten-year commitment is what’s required to make a difference. – Ivan Guan

Today’s investment market is more volatile and unsound than ever. The stock market is often manipulated by big financial giants at the expense of small-time investors like us. One financial crisis can wipe out many years of your savings or investment returns. One common mistake is that people often focus on investment returns but overlooked the tail risks.

I monitor and review your portfolio and I will send you an update monthly so you are in the know. If you follow my system mentioned above, you will spend less than 15 minutes a month caring about your investment and yet have peace of mind.

If this is for you…

If you are

  • Frustrated that your previous investments never perform the way you expected
  • Tired of trying to figure out what to invest
  • Have no time, energy or interest to manage an investment portfolio by yourself

You are probably interested in my investment management services. To help you understand more, I offer a complimentary investment consultation for you. Simply submit the request below and I will get back to you with your time slot.