Who says Singaporeans don’t ask questions, when it comes to pay something, Singaporeans can be the most creative.

FAQs Medishield Life

First of all, If you are not sure what Medishield Life is all about, you should read this. If you are a Singaporean or PR, you should update your household information by 19 June to receive the correct premium subsidies.

I was trying to compile a list of frequently asked questions for Medishield Life, and guess what, there are 101 of them! So I decide to share the most interesting 7 questions I collected, just for fun. 🙂

What is MediShield Life?

Gov: It is a new compulsory basic health insurance scheme administered by the Government’s Central Provident Fund Board. It will help you pay your hospitalisation bills. It is basic because it is sized for subsidised treatment in the public hospitals. 😀

#1 Can I choose to not be covered by MediShield Life?

Gov: No. The scheme is compulsory. Under MediShield Life, Singaporeans will remain insured and receive lifelong protection for large hospital bills. It is in line with our move to a more inclusive society with stronger collective responsibility.  🙂

#2 I don’t want to pay the premium. Will I be jailed for not paying my premiums?

Gov: No. Non-payment of premiums is not a criminal offence. However, if you have outstanding premiums, you may be warned that you are not to leave Singapore until they are paid. If you still leave or try to do so, you may be jailed up to a year, fined up to $5,000, or both. 😕

#3 That is OK, I will just stay in Singapore. What happens if I deliberately refuse to pay my premiums?

Gov: It is possible that your bank or your employer may be directed to pay the outstanding premiums from your savings or your salary. You may have to pay up to 17 per cent of outstanding premiums and interest on late premiums. 😡

#4 I am just retrenched and I can’t afford to pay my premiums for a while. Will I be penalised for this?

Gov: No. The Government has said it will treat with flexibility those who need help because of unique or sudden unfortunate circumstances. 😐

#5 OK, I will pay. But to get the most out of this, can MediShield Life cover cosmetic surgery like liposuction?

Gov: No, it does not. 🙄

#6 Can Medishield Life at least cover pregnancy?

Gov: No. This is because there are already other avenues of Government support for pregnancy, such as the Marriage and Parenthood package. 😥

# 7 Then why should I buy insurance if I cannot claim anything! I just bought a new car, even my car insurance has no-claim discount, can Medishield Life have NCD too?

Gov: No. The Health Ministry was concerned that people may delay treatment to maintain the no-claim bonus. In addition, some people – like those born with congenital conditions or who get into accidents – may take good care of themselves, but still need to make claims. It is not fair to penalise them for things that they cannot help.

I thought that you said you were retrenched and cannot afford to pay your premium? Still got money to buy car? 👿

You see, car in Singapore is a necessity…

Gov: 😯

Anyway, I did not make up the questions. You can find all the 101 frequently asked questions about Medishield Life here.

Singapore government is also very innovative nowadays, enjoy the video below and don’t forget to confirm your household information for Medishield Life. Confirm and Double Confirm!

What are other interesting questions about Medishield Life which you came across? Share with us here.

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  • But really personally I do not need MediShield Life protection for life (as I already have one) and I really don’t think I will return to Singapore for any treatment as I imagine I prefer to be treated in the overseas country I live now and yes I always have travel and health insurance each time I travel to Singapore or anywhere. Paying health insurance premium every year is really unnecessary for something we do not need or going to use as we already have one here overseas. I reckon people living overseas should be given the option – not make it compulsory!

  • I am Singaporean but I have staying overseas for the past 25 years. And I have stopped my medishield cover almost 20years ago.

    I would like to know do I still have to pay for the medishield life?
    Am I able to apply for the exemption for this new cover? If yes, how can I apply?

    FY Chua

    • Hi, Foong Yeow

      I don’t think you can apply exemption, here is what is stated in Medishield Life website:

      “As part of the principle of universal coverage where all Singapore Residents are covered under MediShield Life for life, Singapore Residents who are based overseas should continue to remain insured. This will allow them to benefit from the MediShield Life protection for life, and also at any point that they choose to return to Singapore for medical treatment.”

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