FIRE Retirement Membership

Do you find the complex worlds of personal finance and retirement planning a challenge?

Do you struggle with understanding how to invest wisely?  

The FIRE Retirement Membership (FRM) is a comprehensive program designed to equip you with the financial education, resources, and community support you need to navigate your journey towards Financial Independence and Retiring Early.

Join today and unlock your Financial Freedom.

Here's What You'll Get

Live Course & Webinar: Gain exclusive access to our flagship courses
Cash Flow Freedom Masterclass and monthly live webinars. Learn actionable strategies for wise investing and early retirement.

Member-Only Content: Stay informed with valuable email and video updates, along with mini-courses on personal finance, investing, and retirement strategies.

Community & Support: Connect with like-minded individuals through our private Telegram group and events. Engage with in-depth discussions and benefit from expert-led group coaching sessions.

VIP Access:
Enjoy VIP discounts on additional services and partner products. Get priority invitations to in person meetings, seminars, and networking events.

Cash Flow Freedom Live Masterclass is Included! 

Traditional retirement planning is outdated! The old "Work-save-invest-retire" model fails in today's turbulent times, marked by pandemics, wars, inflation, market volatility, and an end to the era of predictable long-term growth. We're in a new, uncertain age with unpredictable investment returns.

To navigate this, Ivan has distilled 15 years of expertise into a 9-step Cash Flow Freedom Masterclass, and this is included in your membership. This course will help secure your financial freedom for years to come.

The live course will be conducted via Zoom and you will be enrolled for the next batch. 

But the learning does not stop here. Ivan will host regular group coaching sessions for "Conqueror" members. You will be given actionable investment strategies and retirement ideas based on the latest market trends.

Here are what our students say about the course...

This Membership is For You if You Want To...

Build Your Financial Savvy

If you want to expand your knowledge of personal finance, investing, and retirement strategies, our educational content such as email and Telegram updates, mini-courses, webinars offer valuable insights and information to enhance your financial literacy.

Seek Actionable Investing Ideas and retirement Strategies

The resources and expert insights offered can help you create a solid plan and take steps towards your desired retirement lifestyle.

The live course, webinars, and discussions provide actionable insights and techniques to help you make informed investment decisions.

Join a Community for learning, fun and Support

If you desire a conducive learning environment and a supportive community of like-minded people.

The private Telegram group, group coaching sessions, and networking events offer opportunities to connect, share experiences, and learn from others on a similar financial journey.

learn and have fun...

Join our FIRE Retirement Community to accelerate your Financial Freedom

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Lifetime Membership, one time payment

FIRE Retirement Membership (FRM)

FRM Navigator

If you are new and eager to learn about investing and retirement strategies. Stay informed with the latest financial updates and gain valuable insights along the way.


$197 Lifetime

Private Telegram Group

Weekly Email Market Insight

Online Resources via Member Portal

Regular Educational Live Webinars 

Access to Webinar Recordings Library

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Membership

most comprehensive

FRM Conqueror

If you are commitment to achieving financial freedom and taking charge of your life, but need some handholding and general guidance on this journey.


$997 Lifetime

Private Telegram Group

Weekly Email Market Insight

Online Resources via Member Portal

Regular Educational Live Webinars

Access to Webinar Recordings Library

Exclusive In-Person Member Events

Cash Flow Freedom Masterclass

"FIRE Waypoint" Private Group Coaching Program

1-to-1 Consultation

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Membership

If you have any question, email our support at contact@sgmoneymatters.com or whatsapp +65 88319442


Can I join as a Navigator first and upgrade to Conqueror later?

Yes, for membership upgrade. Simply send an email to contact@sgmoneymatters.com

How does the money back guarantee work?

We offer a 14 days money back guarantee. If you cancel within 14 days, you will get a full refund. If you cancel after 14 days, your membership will continue until the next billing cycle. Simply send an email to contact@sgmoneymatters.com

How can I access the exclusive content and webinar recordings included in my membership?

Once you become a member, you will have access to a members-only area on our website. Simply log in to your account to unlock and explore the exclusive content, webinar recordings, and tools that are available based on your chosen membership tier.

Are there any member-exclusive events or meetups?

Yes! Our exclusive events, webinars, or meetups are full of excitement and are a space where you can connect with fellow like-minded people and industry experts. These events provide networking opportunities and a chance to further expand your knowledge and achieve FIRE retirement. We will announce in the member group for the upcoming events. 

Simple and Easy.

Start Your Journey to FIRE Retirement Today!

Join the membership to accelerate your learning journey!

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