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F.I.R.E. Your Retirement: 3 Simple Steps to Financial Independence

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“FIRE Your Retirement” is a book that will fire your imagination and give you a fresh perspective on what retirement really means! It also gives you a practical 3-step process to generate a lifetime passive income, so you can enjoy financial freedom and retire early.

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The book is also now available at Popular and Kinokuniya in Singapore and Malaysia (Book ISBN: 978-1-77204-156-9).

What does retirement mean to you? Will your retirement be simply a natural consequence of the end of your working life? How do you make sure that money is not a problem in your retirement years?

Ivan is a well-known financial professional in the retirement planning space. His popular financial blog SGMoneyMatters.com has helped thousands of subscribers improve their financial health. In his new book, Ivan solved the puzzle that bothers us all: How to be financially independent when you stop receiving your paycheck one day?

Retirement is the buzzword these days, but it is not an easy subject to tackle. Ivan throws light on how to approach this hard topic effectively with a new paradigm. Based on extensive research and first-hand experience with his clients, Ivan has created a 3-step blueprint to retiring early. The book “F.I.R.E. Your Retirement” will not only give you a fresh perspective on what financial freedom really means, but also the concrete steps to empower you to get started with your FIRE journey.

Here are what others say about the book

This book is a testament to Ivan’s qualities. – Alvin Chow, Founder of DrWealth.com

A good financial advisor is both competent and ethical. An ethical but not competent advisor is a nice person but would not be able to deliver a sound financial plan to you. A competent but unethical advisor would probably be going after your money.

Ivan Guan is one of the rare financial advisors who exhibits high competency and ethics. This book is a testament to his qualities and is written for every man in mind.

This book may change your opinion. – Kyith, Founder of InvestmentMoats.com

We start to hear murmurs of the concept of financial independence in Singapore. For a country with many above middle-income people, pursuing financial independence is a realistic and achievable endeavour.

Ivan has laid out a book explaining why financial independence and retiring early is a good endeavour on a philosophical basis. If you are still on the fence about FIRE, this book may change your opinion.

This is not just a book on retirement – Vina Ip, Blogger of PropertySoul.com and Founder of Property Club Singapore

It is everything about money, wealth, financial goal setting and personal financial management. It is a generous sharing of the author’s personal values in finding wealth and meaning in life. It is a must-read for anyone planning for early retirement or hoping to achieve financial freedom.

Whether you have no clue of retirement planning or you think you know the subject well, you will definitely pick up many pieces of good advice from the book.

This book is easy to read and relatable. – Paul Ho, CEO of iCompareLoan.com
Ivan Guan is an established wealth planner, blogger and now author. His book is easy to read and relatable to the man or woman on the street.

Retirement is an important subject, it is not easy to write a complicated subject with such simplicity. You will really need to sit up and pay attention to what Ivan says. More importantly, there are really good retirement investment and planning tips set out with some clear action plan to get you started. The earlier you start thinking about it, the better possible outcome you can achieve in planning for your future needs.

In these pages, you will learn

  • Why traditional retirement planning strategies put you in danger
  • Why you are better off to Rewire than Retire
  • How to redesign your retirement income so it is stable and sustainable
  • How not to run out of money after you retire
  • How to retire happy

Be part of the F.I.R.E nation! Take this book and act now so you can take your first stride to live with freedom.


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