Many people bought Real Estate Investment Trusts as a safe haven with a stable income. But professionals know REIT is just like any other instruments, you should invest for total return (both capital gain and dividend income).

Since I published the article warning investors that REITs was overvalued, I received a lot of queries about how they should deal with their REITs holdings. Singapore REITs will face a choppy storm ahead and even OCBC analyst spoke the REITs can no longer be seen as a “safe asset” if the leverage limit is increased.

What should you do about your existing REITs?

In my article, I suggest you do a “Marie Kondo clean up” of your portfolio. If you are still comfortable with your holdings, it is perfectly fine to keep them.

If you bought REITs through recommendations of your friends and broker tips, you may want to engage a professional to help you review and discover the blind spots.

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What if you are a DIY stock investor?

You may be a newbie and you just want to learn more what REIT is all about.

And some people just want to manage their own investment portfolios. I get it. I understand the thrills and excitement of analysing a stock and make your own investment decisions.

I would say now is a perfect opportunity for you to dive deeper into this topic by reading more and attending investment courses.

If you recall in my previous article, I said most REIT course providers will hesitate to tell you that REITs are overvalued now as it affects their “sales”.

I am heartened to see that Ging Wien, being an honest REIT expert and the “REITs to Riches” course trainer, shared the same view as me and put up a blog article to inform his readers to Lock in the REIT profits.

I know Ging Wien personally. He is

REITs to Riches Workshop

I got to know Ging Wien after attending his 3-hour REITs workshop (costs $15). The first time I met him, I know he is a no-nonsense guy and he knows his stuff. His REIT knowledge and experience is probably more than many analysts because he personally invests in REITs.

If you are a long term reader of my blog, you know I have worked with Chlorophyll and listed a REIT investing course at Udemy, but if you want to meet a REIT expert and learn to evaluate individual REIT, Ging Wien is the guy you should go to.

This 3-hour workshop is unlike most “previews” which just tries to sell you a course, Ging Wien spends the time and effort to teach and share in his 3-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • A foundational understanding of REITs.
  • Characteristics of various real estate sectors.
  • How to perform a financial evaluation on a REIT.
  • How to quickly shortlist high-quality REITs.
  • How to value and buy undervalued REITs.
  • Common REIT investment traps and how to avoid them.
  • Case studies with Singapore-listed REITs.

You should seriously consider his Skill Future approved REITs to Riches full 2-day course. Find out more when you meet him.

In Summary…

Investing is not a destination, but rather a journey of discovery and learning. In the past decade, I have been helping clients with retirement planning and helping them manage investment portfolios, and I have learned a lot from my clients too.

Even though I earn a fee from managing my client’s portfolio, I still encourage them to be engaged and learn more about investing. Warren Buffett is one of the best investment gurus, but he still leaves the day to day management to his team.

Keep an open mind, unlearn and relearn.

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