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Professionally, I am a Financial Adviser Representative with Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd. I am specialized in Retirement Planning and Investment Management. Here is what I do.

Financial Planning

Financial planning focuses on financial goals and how best to meet them.  However, since almost every part of one’s life has financial implications, financial planning is just a piece of the larger life planning. I will help you identify financial objectives for each of your life stages and to provide the strategies and plans to meet these objectives:

  • Income Protection and Replacement
  • Savings and Retirement
  • Children’s Education
  • Medical and Hospitalisation
  • Home Loan and Debt Financing
  • Estate Analysis and Planning

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is the foundation of a comprehensive financial plan and is a must before you embark on the other components of investment planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

All of us face risks of premature death, disablement, hospitalisation, surgery and long-term illness. It is the financial consequences like loss of income, medical expenses and ancillary costs that need protection.

A good protection plan comprises a combination of insurance policies possibly from a few insurance companies to cover all the risk exposures.

By doing thorough fact-finding and financial needs analysis before making recommendations, I am able to source for suitable products from the many product and service providers to give our clients wider choices and better value.

Investments & Wealth Management

Investment planning is about making the right decisions and taking the necessary actions that will grow the value of the assets you own. While many people gamble with financial giants and lost their life savings, basic knowledge and common sense are always overlooked. I help individuals to capitalize on opportunities to preserve and grow their wealth steadily with peace of mind using three steps:

Investment Analysis

My focus is to analyze your risk tolerance, investment time horizon and financial objectives. I adopt an approach to investing with you instead of investing for you. This is the compass of our investment journey together.

I will then review your existing portfolio and draw up the investment strategies.

Portfolio Construction

Based on the investment analysis, an appropriate long-term asset allocation model is determined. This serves as a core portfolio with a mix of assets that are carefully assessed. Why dumping all your money into stocks where you can mix it with other assets to achieve better return with lower volatility.

I leverage our team of in-house investment specialists, carefully select the investment instruments to implement the portfolio. I keep all my clients updated on significant events and market developments

Portfolio Monitoring and Review

Risk management is essential even after the portfolio is set up. The investment market is volatile and moves at a lightning speed. Many investors react to the short-term fluctuation of the markets and lose direction along the way.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for those about to die, or just for the wealthy ones.

Besides accepting death as a certainty, we must recognize its unpredictability and plan for it. The benefits of estate planning are many:

  • To achieve speedy probate process and payment of estate duty, thus freeing up your assets.
  • To distribute one’s wealth according to one’s wishes and avoid transfer to unintended beneficiaries.
  • To protect the estate against creditors.
  • To achieve family unity and avoid disputes.
  • To obtain the best terms for assets like business ownership.
  • To provide sufficient liquid assets so that real property and businesses and shares can remain intact or be disposed at favourable times.

There are many benefits of preparing a will even if there is no estate duty. Otherwise, your assets will be distributed by a prescribed allocation method under Intestate Succession. (i.e. dying without a will).

You should also consider trusts, but there are many types of trusts so you have to be careful about choosing the right one.

Our Service Providers

I work with a comprehensive list of our service providers. This enables me to help you implement your financial plans and achieve your financial goals efficiently.

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