Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong delivered the 2013 National Day Rally Speech on Sunday. As he said:

Singaporeans sense correctly that the country is at a turning point. I understand your concerns. I promise you, you will not be facing these challenges alone, because we’re all in this together. We will find a new way to thrive in this new environment…We must make now a strategic shift in our approach to nation-building.

The highlights of the speech are as below:


  • MediShield insurance for all, no age limit or exclusions
  • More subsidies for outpatient care


  • More Primary 1 spots for those without links
  • PSLE T-score to be replaced by grades
  • Top secondary schools to broaden admissions


  • Help for every working family to afford a flat
  • Grants for middle-income to buy 4-room flat
  • More help for two-roomers to upgrade
Source: Business Times
Source: Business Times

I will highlight the potential implications on some of the policies and impact on the market. Stay tuned…

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