Let's explore the concept of Will and Trust:

Here's what you'll learn by attending this webinar:

  • What is a Trust?
  • What are the different types of trust and which is the right one for you?
  • Is trust only for the rich and ultra-high-net-worth?
  • Why more and more families are setting up trust?
  • Common pitfalls of trust setup?
  • Actionable next steps in your legacy planning?

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Let's hear what people think about our previous Webinars...

Hi Ivan. Wanted to drop a note of appreciation. Your session titled, ‘US Credit rating downgrade’ was one of your best ever. Thanks for running it and sharing.


Ivan offered very valuable insights and build a strong financial foundation for us with almost zero financial technical knowledge. With the skills learned in the bootcamp, the immediate takeaway was we could at least have a clear number of how much we need to achieve retirement. It gives a good clarity in terms of numbers and time that is needed to achieve it.


Interesting topics discussion and key takeaways from every sessions I attended.. Deeply appreciate it.