Calling all aspiring financial gurus and curious minds! Are you ready to step into a world of hilarious economic manipulation and strategic investment? Join us for an epic Wongamania Game Day!

Remember the fun of learning with the CASHFLOW Game with us? We want to take a step further.

We are organizing a new board game session that makes learning about finance a side-splitting good time. Here’s why you should join our upcoming Wongamania session:

What is Wongamania: Banana Economy?

Forget fancy suits – in Wongamania, you’ll become a big shot in the Banana Republic. Here, you’ll use your smarts and a dash of silliness to become the ultimate champion through wild adventures and side-splitting surprises.

The game will take you on a wild journey with lots of twists and turns. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Smart Trader: Figure out the best things to buy, be it stocks, property, land or hotel, react to crazy changes, and keep your money bone tickled all at once. Mastering the art of getting the best deals and making your money goes a long way.
  • Make Friends, and Enemies: Bend the rules (well, kind of) to your advantage by influencing the leaders to help you win. But watch out – your friends might have some tricks up their sleeves too!
  • Beware the Market Bandits: Don’t let Debtzilla steal all your stuff or Inflationsaurus make everything super expensive. Gain a clear understanding of how things work in the world and how decisions can affect everyone.

Beyond the Basics: Practical Skills You’ll Gain

While traditional finance classes may focus on dry theory, This game session takes a hands-on approach, equipping you with practical skills you can apply in real life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Mastering Investment Strategies: Dive deep into the world of stocks, properties, and bonds. Learn how to analyze markets, diversify your portfolio, and make informed investment decisions to maximize returns and mitigate risk.
  • Understanding Economic Cycles: Wongamania throws you headfirst into boom and bust cycles, inflation, and the impact of government policies. This immersive experience helps you grasp the bigger picture of how economic forces influence investment decisions.
  • The Art of Negotiation: Negotiate your way to success! Learn valuable negotiation tactics as you hire powerful allies like bankers and politicians to bolster your economic clout. You’ll also have to defend yourself against hilarious foes like Debtzilla and Inflationsaurus, teaching you to navigate complex financial landscapes.
  • Financial Planning Essentials: Brush up on key concepts like risk management, insurance planning, and even estate planning – all presented in a lighthearted and engaging way. Wongamania equips you with the knowledge to build a solid financial foundation.

Ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future?

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting your financial journey, this game session offers a unique and valuable experience. Join us, laugh your way to financial literacy, and take control of your financial well-being!

Click this link to sign up today and join the Banana Economy frenzy!

Limited Spots Available!

The winner of the game will receive a CASH PRIZE.

Date: April 20 (Sat)

Time: 10 am to 12 pm

Venue: Bugis area. The exact location will be notified via email and WhatsApp.

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