The best technique to get a lower premium is not to always switch your insurers. The insurance companies are profit driven. If they offer you a cheaper rate, they will definitely take something.

1. Use your father’s name to buy the car!
The #1 risk factor is the age, insurance company is afraid of young and restless drivers, yet the insured person must be the owner of your car. A lot of young drivers are paying more $3,000 a year only for the motor insurance. However, if you put the name of someone who is much older for your car and you as the named driver, you feel much happier when you receive the bill 🙂

2. Buy the car before you get the licence!
The rational behind is the same as the first tip. But if you are 20+ and doing so well that you feel you deserve a car, yet you find nobody trusted to be the owner of your car. Please, Buy the car JUST BEFORE you get the licence. This is because if the owner of the car does not have a licence, the insured’s profile has to be based on the named driver, who can be anybody with a fantastic driving experience and of course, a much lower premium

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