If you have followed me for a long time, you know I was one of the early adopters to advocate using REITs as an Income Generating Asset for retirement. I have written an article to explain how REIT investing works and over the years, more and more people started investing in Singapore REITs (S-REIT). But REIT is not an evergreen investment.

If you are a new investor, you may be surprised to know that S-REIT investing used to be hyped up in the past like Cryptocurrency today. Everybody was talking about S-REITs. And that is the time I started warning people not over-rely on S-REITs for retirement.

True enough, the Singapore REITs market collapsed in 2020, triggered by the global pandemic, but never recovered to its previous glory even after more than 2 years. Back then, I again warned investors it was not the time to “bargain hunting” REITs yet.

My point is, that REITs are just like any other investments that move in cycles. Given the current volatile financial markets, Singapore REITs may be in a unique position to be a safe haven.

REITs Symposium 2022

If you are serious about investing in Singapore REITs, REITs Symposium is the go-to event.

After two years of Covid restriction, Singapore has finally moved back to normal life (almost). That is why this year’s symposium is something to look out for as it will be a MEGA-Hybrid event, which will take place at Suntec Exhibition Hall on 21 May and broadcast LIVE simultaneously to online viewers!

14 REITs will be sending their top management to speak at this event, including Singapore’s biggest REIT: CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust, Ascendas REIT and more.

This means that there will be a chance for you to catch the event in person, meet the REITs management and industry experts and most importantly, network with like-minded investors to discuss:

  • With the optimism of the world re-opening and being on a pedestal of being truly a global REIT hub, what does this all mean for S-REIT investors?
  • What can we look forward to from each of the S-REITs?
  • Will inflationary pressures be overshadowed by re-opening optimism?
  • What is the level of optimism we should hold for the future of REITs?

Check out the full programme here.

How to get in-person ticket

But due to current measures, onsite event attendance has limited capacity. Onsite tickets will be given via a lucky draw to the early-bird online registrants.

As far as I know, in-person tickets are in hot demand. I guess people are looking forward to such events.

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