The buzzword on Wall Street in 2023 is not inflation or recession, but ChatGPT.

If you recall what I have written a few weeks ago, I said Technology stocks have great potential this year, particularly in the Artificial Intelligence space. And true enough, ChatGPT has brought a whole wave of enthusiasm to the financial market. 

You may have already come across ChatGPT. If you haven’t, I suggest you give it a try. In layman’s terms, ChatGPT is a “chatbot” that can answer any questions with Artificial Intelligence. Essentially, you have Ironman’s J.A.R.V.I.S. at your disposal. 

Sounds cool right?

But what is really cool is the investment opportunities this year brought by Artificial Intelligence.

How does AI matter to you if you are not Ironman?

Unless you are a geek, you may not appreciate the power, “threats” and the investment value that AI brings, yet.

My objective today is to bring your attention to this investment theme because sometimes later, this will be a topic that you will wish you had studied a bit more.

If you look at the chart below, the interest in ChatGPT has taken over the world. I believe it can easily surpass Crypto and NFT shortly.

Is AI another Hype?

Maybe Yes, maybe No. But which investment is not hype?

Was Tesla not hype? Was Alibaba not hype? How about Electric vehicles, Renewable Energy and even Tiktok?

Artificial Intelligence is not something new, I was studying it for my Computer Science degree 20 years ago.

In fact, AI was first coined as early as 1956, by a group of researchers during a conference at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

But like every technology, it needs the right time and right place to bloom. If you understand a bit about technology, AI needs supercomputing power and a super large database (for machine learning), which only exists in recent years.

And most importantly, it needs “hype” to grab the eyes of the capitalist to take off. I would argue Elon Musk is more of a great capitalist than a tech geek. That is what makes Tesla today.

What will happen is that companies will start labelling them as AI-related companies to attract capital, just like what they do with Crypto, NFT, EV and Renewable Energy in the past.

We can already see some “AI-related” stocks going crazy like below. Do note this is NOT a Financial Adviser nor a recommendation. I just try to highlight how fast the capitals smell the opportunities. 

Source: moomoo

Be wary of Scammers

In 2021, when Metaverse was the buzz world, I wrote an article about the investment opportunities and pitfalls of Metaverse. I wrote

There is a difference between being a pioneer in a revolution and being a profitable investor. Talking about the newest ideas may look cool, but it doesn’t mean you can make money.

The same thing will happen this year because of ChatGPT. You need to be aware that there are more scammers than real businesses when such a thing happens. You need to have a good understanding first before putting your money down.

Think beyond technology stocks

If you want to make long-term sustainable investment returns, you need to think beyond technology stocks and think about how AI will impact the world, for example:

  • Customer service: Automated customer service powered by AI language models is likely to see significant investment as companies seek to improve customer experience and reduce costs.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry is likely to invest in AI language models as they have the potential to assist healthcare professionals, improve patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.
  • Education: With the increasing demand for personalized education and the growing use of technology in the classroom, AI language models have the potential to revolutionize the education sector and provide new investment opportunities.

As someone who started programming at age of 10, studied computer science in university and watched the financial markets for the past 20 years, there is so much I want to talk about AI.

Learn more about Investment Opportunities in AI

So I decided to hold a 2-hour Online Live Workshop on Feb 22 to share with you how to leverage this trend to work faster, have more time and make more money. You will learn the following:

  • What is AI? – a brief history of AI, its current state and future.
  • How does AI work? – capabilities, limitations and common misunderstanding
  • Case Study – How to use ChatGPT to work faster, have more time and make more money.
  • How to use AI for investing – the rise of AI-powered stock analysis and trading.
  • What are the stock investment opportunities in AI?
  • What are the risks and considerations of investing in AI-related stocks?

Some years later, AI will be something that you wish you had learned more about. If you missed the investment opportunities of e-commerce and cryptocurrency in the past decade, this is the boat that you want to be in now.

Remember, sometimes it’s not how fast you row your boat. It’s how fast the stream is going.

Scan the QR code or click the link to register.


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