Scuba diving is considered a dangerous activity from insurance company’s point of view. it is EXCLUDED in most of the travel insurance plans. For Example,

MSIG’s TravelEasy says it will EXCLUDE any

“underwater activities involving artificial breathing apparatus…”

However, under certain circumstance, it could still be covered. For example, in AIG TravelAssist, it says it will only EXCLUDE

“Riding or driving in any kind of race, participating in any professional sports or in any sport in which You would or could earn or receive remuneration, donation, sponsorship, award or certificate of any kind and air travel…”

InAXA SmartTraveller, the wordings EXCLUDE

underwater activities requiring the use of artificial breathing apparatus except leisure scuba diving under the supervision of a qualified diving instructor

Note the key words are leisure scuba diving and supervision of a qualified diving instructor. That means if you go Malaysia for a diving trip, like Weekend Pulau Dayang Slipaway, you should be covered under SmartTraveller as long as the conditions are met.

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