It is reported by the Washington Post that “A global posse of cyberthieves, armed with laptops in place of guns, hacked into financial institutions and stole $45 million from automated teller machines in a first-of-its-kind heist made for the 21st century”

What is the first thing coming to your mind when you read the news? Even in our small island of Singapore, we have heard several times of such ATM thefts, though in much smaller quantity, just in thousands.

What is hilarious is the first comment in the news. It was said,

“Meanwhile, the pros on Wall Street stealing the big money are laughing at these guys having to sweat for peanuts, and with much greater likelihood of prosecution!”

Several years ago, I stumbled upon this image. It is a propaganda banner put up by the police in one of the cities in China. It said, “It is better to play stocks than to rob!”. Can you believe what they are promoting?

How coincidental? Or not?

Maybe more and more people start to realize that the harms done by the “financial experts” have put all the robbers and thefts to shame.

Are the criminals still live in the stone age? Look at the $2 billion loss by UBS’s rogue trader Kweku Adoboli, look at the $1.3 billion losses made by Nick Leeson in 1995 and eventually bankrupted the 233-year-old Barings Bank, ask yourself, are you in the right business?

Maybe with your intelligence and abilities, you can help the world more than you harm.

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