travel-insuranceEven frequent travelers can be misinformed about travel, travel insurance coverage and how to handle unexpected travel problems. Preparing for a trip should include having covering for unfortunate occurrences that threaten to interfere with even the best-laid plans. This short quiz will help you learn more about how you can prepare for your trip.

True or False: Travel insurance isn’t necessary; it just duplicates coverage I already have.

  • False! Having excellent medical, auto, and home insurance does not always guarantee coverage when you travel. Also remember that while some travel insurance coverage may be included with certain credit cards, there is very little recourse, other than travel insurance, that will reimburse when travelers need to cancel or interrupt a trip if they or a close family member becomes ill.

True or False: Travel suppliers always refund pre-paid expenses if travelers have to cancel their trip due a hurricane, blizzard, or natural disaster.

  • False! There is no legal obligation for airlines, cruise lines, hotels and tour operators to reimburse non-refundable deposits or pre-payments if travelers are forced to cancel their trips due to hurricanes, blizzards or other natural disasters.

True or False: Airlines reimburse you if personal possessions are lost, damaged or delayed while in an airport.

  • False! Airlines are required to reimburse passengers for lost or damaged bags while in their possession. However, since both airlines and the Transportation Security Administration now handle baggage, it has become even more difficult to determine who is liable when it comes to lost or stolen luggage.

Source: STA Website

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