To support parents with their children’s healthcare needs, the Government is creating a Medisave account for each Singaporean newborn who is born on or after 26 Aug 2012.

Eligible newborns will receive a $3,000 grant in two tranches – the first $1,500 after the registration of their birth, and the remaining $1,500 in the subsequent year, provided that they remain enrolled in MediShield or a Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plan.   Newborns will receive the Medisave grant automatically after the registration of birth.  Parents do not need to apply for the grant.

This grant can help parents defray the costs of their child’s MediShield premiums, as well as other healthcare expenses such as vaccinations.

After the grant has been deposited into the child’s Medisave account, parents will receive a notification letter to inform them of the deposit.

For more information about Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plans. Please contact me.

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