If you have heard from investment guru Jim Rogers, he once said,

“Quantitative easing didn’t work the first time. It’s not going to work the second time. … All they are doing is debasing the currency. … I hope, for your own sake, you have been buying commodities. Let me tell you, currencies are going to go down. everything is going to go down. the only thing that won’t go down is hard assets. “

Incidentally, there is an article in Straits Times today with an interview with Jim Rogers, just after commodity prices tumbled due to China raised bank reserve and Korea Tensions. The article “Let people use anything as money” revealed Jim Roger’s top holdings are four metals – gold, silver, palladium and platinum. He said,

“If the world economy gets better, commodities will do well, because you are going to see a shortage of commodities which will cause the prices to go higher.

“If the world economy does not do well, they are going to print more money – that’s all the governments know to do – and the commodities are going to do well. Always, when they print money, it’s good for real assets.

Commodity Future Index 2010 Nov 26 (Source: Bloomberg)
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