Supermarket operator Sheng Siong Group aims to raise up to S$141 million via its initial public offering on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange expected next month.

Sheng Siong is set to offer about 351 million shares at an indicative price range of S$0.36 to S$0.40 apiece, the sources said. The offer comprises about 201 million new shares and about 150 million vendor shares.

OCBC Bank is the issue manager, underwriter and the placement agent.

Sheng Siong said in the draft prospectus it will use the proceeds mainly to repay debt, develop and expand its grocery business and operations in Singapore and overseas, and for working capital. Agencies

Source: Today Online

The preliminary prospectus can be downloaded from here.

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  • A few things to clarify:
    IPO can be valued. In fact even private company can be valued. In most circumstances, we use a tool call price earning ratio. This is where you derive whether a company is cheap or expensive versus it’s industry peers.

    Sell or keep IPO?
    At the end of the day, do your homework. Know the company you are investing (not punting) in.

    Also note the current market sentiment, as short term price action is often driven by sentiment. Even good stock fall in bad sentiment, but that is where u should be buying if u are investing. Just ask buffet.

    IPO process
    There is the pre-IPO, placement agents and Underwriter.

    Know their roles. Each has their objectives in IPO game. As a serious IPO investors ask your placement agent what discoubt does the Pre I gets, whether counter is hard or soft underwritten, who are their anchor investors.

    Hope this helps.

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