Are pregnancy related expense covered under travel insurance?

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Pregnancy related expenses used to be under exclusion clause under most travel insurance policies, it usually goes like this:

We will not pay for any loss due to pregnancy or childbirth, and or any injury or sickness associated with pregnancy or childbirth”.

This is because insurance principle forbids to cover foreseeable expenses, and it is to prevent moral hazard.

The good news is some good insurers started to cover medical expenses incurred overseas due to pregnancy related sickness in recent years. But as you can guess, the benefits will come with terms and conditions. This post will help you understand what pregnancy related benefits are covered travel insurance.

Not all travel insurance cover pregnancy related expenses

To be sure, you have to search for a section like “Medical Expenses for Pregnancy Related Sickness” under your travel insurance schedule.

If there is such a section, such travel insurance will cover medical expenses due to pregnancy related sickness at a small amount. The sum assured is typically $2,000 to $8,000. But I think that is still a decent amount.

I will use one insurer’s policy as an illustration to explain what pregnancy related expenses are covered under travel insurance.

What is covered

The insurer will pay for “the medical expenses necessarily and unavoidably incurred while on a Trip Overseas during the Period of Insurance for pregnancy related sickness”.

What is not covered

The insurer will not pay for the pregnancy related sickness if:

  1. Treatment for the pregnancy related sickness occurs within the 1st trimester of pregnancy (i.e. 0 to 12 weeks);
  2. Treatment for the pregnancy related sickness is only sought upon return to Singapore; and
  3. The policy is for a one-way Trip cover; and
  4. The Overseas Trip or the activities carried out Overseas are undertaken against medical advice from Your Medical Practitioner in Singapore

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