For those who missed out on the OCBC 5.1% Preference Shares balloting, UOB has announced ytd to launch their own Preference Shares issue at 5.05%. The concept and risk is basically. The summary as below:-

  1. UOB fixed dividend yield is 5.05% payable semi-annually on 15 March and 15 September each year, subject to declaration by UOB’s Board of Directors. 
  2. UOB 5.1% yield is fixed thru out the yrs until it is redeemed by UOB

The UOB Offer:-
The Offering will open at 9.00 a.m. on 28 August 2008 and close at 12.00 noon on 12 September 2008, subject to any change as may be announced.

UOB to offer 2 million Preference Shares (or S$200 million) to the public in Singapore via the ATMs of UOB, DBS Bank (including POSB) and OCBC Bank in Singapore (“ATM Offer”). The minimum subscription under the ATM Offer is 100 Preference Shares (or S$10,000), and thereafter in multiples of 100 Preference Shares (or S$10,000). If the applications exceed the amounts available for the ATM Offer, balloting will be conducted.

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