From July 8 2011, you can buy and sell Singapore Government bonds on the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

The bonds are Singapore Government Securities (SGS), debt instruments issued by the Government. They take the form of Treasury bills (T-bills) or bonds.

Since 2009, retail investors have been able to take part in the SGS auctions via ATMs in minimum amounts of $1,000, but to trade them subsequently, they had to do so at selected banks.

Investors will now be able to get SGS bond prices on SGX’s website or through brokers, and trade SGS bonds through their brokers in a manner similar to trading stocks.

A total of 19 notes maturing in two years or more, totalling $74 billion, will be available for trading.

More information about Singapore Government Bonds can be found here.

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  • hallo & happy new year Mr Guan

    sgx is v illiquid for trading SGS bonds; many posted `prices’ are basically dummy prices (eg `94′) or out of date, completely out of whack with current institutional/dealer quotes on SGS website

    do retail investors still have to deal directly (OTC ?) with the selected (dealer) banks after all as a practical matter ?

    thank you !

      • Hallo again Mr Gan & thanks again for quick reply at start of year.

        What is procedure for retail investors to sell sgs bonds at banks then ?

        I have a modest amt of long-term (> 5yrs) sgs bonds to be sold but (bank owned) broker is declining to deal with amts under $100 000 and in fact claims that standard/usual minimum amt is 250 000 !

        Is this correct ? Are banks not obliged to make markets even for retail investors ? Minimum to buy from govt is $1000 and nowhere is it stated that only large amounts can later be sold !

        Is broker just giving b***s**t or breaking law ?

        There is now some urgency as prices are dropping !

        Thank you v much again

        • Hi, Dave

          Can you confirm the following?

          1. Is your bond is held under CDP or with the bank? How did you buy the bond?
          2. What is the full name the bond?
          3. What is the value of your bond?

          • Hi Mr Guan

            Apologies for late reply during which some matters seem to have been at least partly resolved with broker for now altho’ no actual sale yet.

            Bonds are NY14100E & NX13100H and were gifted, now being transferred to broker; value is under $25 000


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