Your CPF is one of your most important assets for retirement planning in Singapore. However, it is often under-invested. Many people have bought into the idea that since the CPF board pays them an almost guaranteed interest rate, there is no need to invest their CPF savings.

It makes sense to some, but not everybody. Think about it, if the bank pays you a fixed deposit rate of 2.5% interest, or you can put your money into Astrea bonds which is “backed” by Temasek and earn a 3% interest, does it mean you should stop investing altogether?

Ultimately, each person has a unique financial situation. This is why you should look at your own financial portfolio and decide how your CPF investment should fit into your overall retirement planning. You can choose not to invest, but it means that either you already have enough, or you need to work harder.

I have written a series of articles to tackle some commonly asked questions.

This week, I am honoured to join Ryan Huang, MONEY FM 89.3 Finance Presenter to discuss this topic in-depth during the Money Matters @ Lunch session at 1 pm on March 24 Wednesday.

It is a two-part webinar series on planning for retirement and investing in your CPF. And we will discuss how you can make the best use of your CPF savings for the long run.

Part 1: Investing your CPF, Why and How

I will discuss the following topics on 24 March, Wednesday, 1 PM-2 PM

  • What is CPF’s role in your financial freedom and retirement planning?
  • What choices do you have to invest in your CPF?
  • How to get started with CPF investment?
  • What to consider when setting up a CPF investment portfolio?

Watch the recording below.

Part 2: Planning your CPF for retirement & other life goals

I will discuss the following topics on 31 March, Wednesday, 1 PM-2 PM

  • How to balance retirement needs and other life goals?
  • What is the optimal amount of CPF to invest?
  • How to choose the right strategy and instrument for CPF investment?
  • How does CPF investment affect your estate planning and how to handle it?

Watch the recording below.

The webinar will be conducted via Facebook Live. To join, simply Like MoneyFM 89.3 Facebook Page and you will receive an alert when the Webinar is Live.

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About the Author

Ivan Guan is the author of the popular book "FIRE Your Retirement". He is an independent financial adviser with more than a decade of knowledge and experience in providing financial advisory services to both individuals and businesses. He specializes in investment planning and portfolio management for early retirement. His blog provides practical financial tips, strategies and resources to help people achieve financial freedom. Follow his Telegram Channel to join the FIRE community.
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. This does not reflect the official position of any agency, organization, employer or company. Refer to full disclaimers here.

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